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No. 21 Mei Hua Road, Xin Mei Industrial Develpment Zone, Sha Gang Area

0750-2257248 / 0750-2257988

Panther Textiles has been a pillar in the premium quality denim manufacturing industry since 1986. Our facilities utilize state-of-the-art equipment from Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands to manufacture products through an intricate process of spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing and printing.

Our current annual outputs are 12,000 tons of open-end yarn, 18,000 tons of ring yarn, 72,000,000 yards of dyed fabric, 24,000,000 yards of printed fabric, and 60,000,000 yards of denim. While we export to regions all over the globe; our main focus is on China, Australia, Europe and North America. 


For Every Challenge In Dyeing and Finishing



Established in 2001, our Tat Fung dyeing and finishing mill is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery from industry innovators such as Monforts of Germany and Benninger of Switzerland. The mill has an annual output of 72,000,000 yards of finished fabric, mostly cotton and cotton-mixed, with a wide variety of specialized dyeing treatment. 


Anti-dust Mite Finishing     -     Treating fabric with a protective layer to deter dust mites. 

Anti-UV Finishing     -     Treating fabric with anti-UV finishing, protecting the skin from UV rays. 

Advanced Teflon Finishing     -     Ensuring soft-hand, wrinkle free, water and oil resistant fabric properties. 

Texcote Nano Finishing     -     This rare treatment provides shrink and wrinkle free, water and oil resistant fabric. 

Non-PFC Water Repellent     -     The most eco-friendly water repellent finishing. 

Liquid Ammonia Wrinkle Free     -     Giving fabrics a wrinkle free and enhanced hand-feel. 

3XDry     -     Water repellent fabric surface with backside moisture management.