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No. 21 Mei Hua Road, Xin Mei Industrial Develpment Zone, Sha Gang Area

0750-2257248 / 0750-2257988

Panther Textiles has been a pillar in the premium quality denim manufacturing industry since 1986. Our facilities utilize state-of-the-art equipment from Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands to manufacture products through an intricate process of spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing and printing.

Our current annual outputs are 12,000 tons of open-end yarn, 18,000 tons of ring yarn, 72,000,000 yards of dyed fabric, 24,000,000 yards of printed fabric, and 60,000,000 yards of denim. While we export to regions all over the globe; our main focus is on China, Australia, Europe and North America. 


Panther Textiles Holding


Panther Textiles Holding was established in 1995. We are a large scale textile manufacturer, specializing in spinning, weaving, dyeing, printing, garment, dyeing and printing. Our 27 hectares main factory is located in Kaiping City, Guangdong Province; with another 40 hectares satellite factory located in Shuikou Town, just 15 minutes away. 


We faithfully adopt the “5-s Management” system with the aim to further empower our robust workforce, as well as continuously optimizing the working environment, in order to provide premium quality products and services to our customers from all over the world. Our teams of highly skilled professionals strive to manufacture the highest grade of eco-friendly textile products. 


Panther Textiles has received numerous accolades over its long and illustrious history. 

Some of these include: 

“National Foreign Invested Enterprises Double Excellence”, 1997 and 1998 winner. 

“Kaiping City Top 10 Foreign invested Enterprises” 

”Jiangmen City Outstanding Foreign Investment Enterprises” 

“Star of The 100 Overseas Chinese Enterprises”, 2003 - 2005 winner. 

”BELCORO” Quality Certification for PANTHER OE yarn and denim, 2000.

Some of our certifications include